Slipping the Leg is the initial "play" of the First Masters of Battle drills. It is composed of a short 2-step maneuver in which the Zugadore attacks the leg of the Scolaro, and demonstrates not only why this is not a well-thought out movement on the part of the Zugadore, but also gives the student a precursor to Distance.

The play begins with both Scolaro and Zugadore in the Posta di Donna Distra, a little further away from each other than usual. As is commonplace in the First Masters of Battle plays, the inexperienced student strikes first, taking a passo step forward and delivering a fendente mandritto to the master's leg. But the Scolaro sees this coming and simply takes a passo tornare with that right leg, safely removing it from danger, and in the same movement strikes with his sword, hitting a perfect culpa fendente to the hapless Zugadore.