This is an article about the longsword position. For other uses of the term, see Donna (disambiguation).
Posta di Donna Distra
Original sketch by Fiore de'i Liberi, as depicted in his Flos Duellatorum treatise, ca. 1400.
Form Zogho Largo
Class Pulsativa
Weapon Longsword

Posta di Donna Distra ("Lady's Guard", in reference to the chivalric concept of protecting a woman from danger) is the first and most important of the poste, ranking in maneuverability and cover even moreso than its sottano counterpart, Tutta Porta di Ferro. It is held on the right side, with the left foot forward in proper Ellefante.

This stance is the most commonly-depicted in the manuals, as the beginning of the average swordmatch is more likely to be from Posta di Donna than not because of its status as a default posta: via volte of the sword, nearly every attack can be executed from Posta di Donna Distra.

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